Chase @952

With the air still, the sky dead gray, and bite of near-freezing temperature, my movement down the block was swift. The shadow had rounded the corner and was just out of my sight, but I was gaining fast. The shadow […]

Wind @723

The day was typical: cold for a winter day, and thinly cloudy. Clouds were not so much floating as paused by something, which got my attention. I stood on the street pondering my odd circumstance. Everything about the trip, report, […]

Return @496

I closed my eyes as I stood in the center of what we called the ‘embarkation room’. It was an interesting thing, we always called it that yet if we had to average it out; our arrivals would out weigh […]

Report @269

The seven of us stood in the meeting chamber looking at the center. Long and flowing black cloaks with heads standing at marked points, and our eyes calmly calculating each other’s position. 7 persons for the 7 ages of man, […]

Trip @042

The room was spinning. Not that I could tell; it was all white with round walls. The floor, too, was curved ever so gentlely to a dip in the center. It would have been more accurate to say that I […]