Report @269

The seven of us stood in the meeting chamber looking at the center. Long and flowing black cloaks with heads standing at marked points, and our eyes calmly calculating each other’s position. 7 persons for the 7 ages of man, there were others but we were never to meet with the rest. In the center of us rested a rough stone. Amongst the pristine and smooth, pearlescent white architecture stood this stone—and it began to glow.

We stood around the stone in silence, as we always did. The stone glowed a soft blue as if the rough exterioir were just a thick, semi-opaque glass. I began to think back to my second home. The people, the places, the experiences; all welled up inside me, but I was just a glass and the stone a pump. I was being reminded I was full. Pictures of my life became scenes, and the scenes became experiences. The experiences became varied. Scents came back, as well as sounds, lights and colors. The stone gentley reminded us of what we had recorded all these things as well as experienced them for ourselves.

Eventually, the stone became so bright we each dawned darkened spectacles. As the glass of my being became empty, I gazed around at the other 6 and smirked. We looked like characters from a popular story from where I’d come from. The others stood unmoving, glazed over by the light of stone and the caching of memory. We would still have these experiences, but they would now be recorded, and protected. In truth, none of knew where we really were, but that didn’t matter. It helped protect this precious stone and its contents.

This was another of my oddities, no one was suppose to remain conscious and mobile during ‘the recall’. I was another of a few who could separate myself. It was why I was able to chose my placement, and allowed to be placed there.

The stone’s glow faded quickly and we all slowly aclimated ourselves to being in our own bodies again. Now came anything as close to a break as we could ever hope for. A chance to rest before return to our subtle work.

After about a few hours from now, I’d take the solitrary stroll down the hallway and return to my operation. unlike the others, however, I’d have to return on my own to for another, more complicated ‘recall’. I never wanted to be able to do all this, nor have I ever asked for it. It is necessary, however. I sighed deeply and went to the recuperation lounge to sit and think. How do I ever tell those around me what I do or a part of? It would destroy this work and the whole cause. No one ever tells you how lonely saving the world could be…