Return @496

I closed my eyes as I stood in the center of what we called the ‘embarkation room’. It was an interesting thing, we always called it that yet if we had to average it out; our arrivals would out weigh our departures. the soft, white, round room seemed everything but soft, white and round now. I heaved a sigh and stepped into the dip in the center of the room and the process that brought me to this distant place reversed itself.

There’s something the mind misses in the transference. One half second: big white room, Next: Homey bed in a midwestern town. I literally sank into the bed, after floating above it in a hovering pool of water. The water and I eased downward, and as my body met the resisence of the bed, the water continued into and around it. A chill came over me with what was left of the water. the enitre bed dripped and sagged as if it had been through a hurricane in the middle of the Atlantic. my eyes twitched and I felt whatever it is we call a soul or spirit return to body. feeling wet and chilled andd tired, I sprung awake to find the bed, my body, even the floor enitrely dry. Slight confusion flooded my system, but I closed my eyes and traced my position. A stranger might compare it to getting your bearings in the woods, but he’d be wrong. Tracing your position is much more complex. We don’t just find our position on a two dimensional plane–this is east, that’s north, etc. This is a mental zoom across the seemingly seperate items called time and space.

My eyes are closed, and I’m sitting in what some would call the Lotus. I’m in the bed, in the room, in the house; which is on the land, next to a street. In, in in; then the orientation change: on, next. Then again: The street is in a town, which is in a state which was formed by a country during a colonial period of over-taxation and merchant revolt. The state is also in a country which is on a planet which is part of a solar system. Ideas and positions and times and era’s and eons begin connecting. I open my eyes, and a gentle small jolt of serotonin. For the moment I’m back to a different home and a different life. A life I must maintain and protect just by living it. As long as I can do that, the rest of life will be safe.