You @705

You Crashed out of the window just behind the unknown life you also decided to save. You plummeted with it. You fell. Two bodies, Small in the scheme of things but falling with massive celestial weight, impacted the rock below the structure with such force it shattered like thick ice. It was just as cold. You thought you were dead. You thought the other was dead. You didn’t know how long you slept that dreamless sleep, and your spirit sunk further as the female form didn’t rouse itself. It had been tired… more so than you. Tortured even, and very recently. You admired her clothing one more time before stripping it way. There was some life still, you were certain. You felt it. The body was damaged from the fall, glass and rock severed bones and skin, deep wounds with scars were everywhere. The body, however still and lifeless, was healing. The female figure was not alive enough, though and needed help to heal.

You respectfully disrobed, or rather pealed the torn clothing from the body, and weakly conjured the thin shards of rock into fine soft fabric. You warmed the wounds to help them heal, but never laid your hands directly on the body. There was so much damage, you couldn’t really tell what the form looked like before.

Then it started to rain. It began to pour. A deluge would be the proper term, or monsoon. You only sacrificed a little power to warm and dry yourself after a brief sigh. You wrapped the body head to toe in your stone sheets as fast as the storm progressed. Lightning struck nearby, almost devastatingly close, but you sucked the energy fro the blast and created a shield around yourself and the body. The body wrapped, and the deluge reducing your vision beyond your shield to zero.

You began to walk.

Like a blind man with a hemispheric sonar dome made of tin, you could only sense so much through metallic white noise. Nudging your hike a step at a time, you trepidatiously inch along the rock face. The female form floats comfortably behind you. However light the somewhat lifeless body, your abilities strain from taxation in your weakness.

Then you fall, and the female form falls with you.

You have enough energy, despite your own injuries you haven’t healed to maintain the shield. Just before the first impact, you expand the shield to a sphere, but inertia is still against you. Each impact seems to land simultaneously with a thunderclap or lightning crack. Crash. Another steep drop. Bang. You and the female form are bouncing like a deteriorated rubber ball. Smack. Irregular pock marks in the shield through you this way. Crash again. And that. Crunch. The whole dramatic drop would almost seem comical from afar. You finally land, and settle, after rolling onto a the soft, wet sand of beach during a storm.

You are spent. Your injuries before are worsened by the repeated impacts within your own shield. You can’t keep yourself even on all fours. You lose consciousness, your concentration falters. The lifeless female form falls from its suspension with soft thud. The shield fades. The still strong storm pelts you with drops. In moments you are both drenched again. Luckily the tide is out.