You, Finally @199

The bubble pop blew you awake as fast as it descended.

What could have happened?

Dropping so many times, listing on the sea, and crashing on stones on the beach… How could it finally burst like that?

you didn’t think, you just ran. Hustling through the light blue bushes, and past the crimson-barked trees, splashing in sliver puddles of still water. Wait? Silver? The sea was blue. How is the fresh water silver? No matter, you must get to the body.

The body, wrapped in its faint tomb. did that break too? Damn! How far was it? You drifted just far enough away from consciousness at just the right time to not tell. You stop running. Partially to navigate your surroundings, partially with that thought. This whole world wasn’t right. The building, the sea, the sun, the trees, the sand; all of it: unright and unwell.

No time. You have to get to the body, to that unknown feminine form. The form that invaded your mind. The form that helped you, the damn form that got you into this mess. Where in the fiery depths was it? Left. Left was right. You sense it now.

So though slow, you rush to the scene. A scene of chaos. Shattered bubble-glass shards melting in a mid-day sun; having been burst by bulging boulders. Pointy, bulging boulders. Pointy, sharp, bulging boulders which did not belong. The rocks stood in the clearing the way a steel building would; placed and artificial. somewhere amongst the misplaced, jagged large mound was a patch of white. Like light, but matter. You see a hand of the female form you unfondly protected for so long. You race around the rocks because the hand’s position betrays the stiffness the cocoon you formed had.

You are right. The body splayed across various pointed edges, half lounging, have sitting in position. The head tugged backward by gravity. The sight of it enrages you. Calm as you’ve been trained to be, this female…thing…has worn you out. You use anger to fuel invisible muscles, reaching out some distance from the piercing, open-air stalagmites. Twists of your wrist snap of the triangular edges, allowing the body to lay as flat as possible. You are done. Not invincible, but damn close, you’ve finally had enough. Too many trying troubles with this world and your bubble. Heaving heavily, you fall to all fours. Panting. You are done. Done with protecting this form; this stranger.

Then you hear that feminine voice again. You’ve never minded it. It’s rather pleasant, but never minded it all. It is however, not in your mind when you hear it. You hear it out side yourself, sounded from that female form. you gaze at it, groggily sitting up on your knees. Tired balance holds you up, only. The white was light and the female form glows.

And for the first time in a long time, it moves. It rises from the stone bed you made for it, soft and light like rising from a nap during a rainstorm. It does not approach. It stands before you. Soft and white and radiant. You hear it again. A soft, gentle voice simply saying, “Thank You.”

The light, white feminine form draws a white light circle around its height with one arm. The white, light feminine form draws a light white circle wide around its waist with the other arm. A white bubble ball as if in tribute to your own that protect it for so long.

You look at it, focusing your gaze at where its eyes should be. It looks at you, focusing where its eyes should be on where yours are. You smirk as it ascends. It rockets skyward with insulting disregard for gravity, or physics, or any force.

You watch it move away.

You watch… me… move away.