You, Too @075

You drift to consciousness through dramatic thick drops of cold water. Luckily, you collapsed face up. Drops pound your form like pins driven by hammers. Sound comes first. Heavy rain pelting two forms. Two forms; one yours, one feminine. You feel the freezing liquid through throughly drenched clothes. The other form begins to swell in your memory like a large tsunami tidal wave mixed up in a hurricane. You think you can hear that memory. A rushing, running memory awash with panic and a stranger. The other form is female you realize as you squint your eyes awake.

Your roll your weary hear in the direction of the female form and the see the memory as it rushes at you like that wave. It is a wave, huge and devastating. Like waking from a dream by sound that started in the dream but the sound is loud and real and hard enough to only have invaded it from reality. You see the female form lying not far from you in the sand and realize what’s behind it.

Tall and terrifying, Cresting and Cashing a wall of sickly sea water, fathoms high, thunders toward you both. Barely awake enough from exhaustion to breathe, you clamor to your feet, race again to the lifeless female form, and dive even further toward it when you realize you can’t make it on foot. With barely enough energy to fill just one of the trillions of grains of sand under your feet, you dismiss gravity for an instant to fly over the female form instead of crash into the sand next to it.

The wave cares not for you abilities over natural forces, however. Indeed, if you weren’t so fatigued you could hold back such a wave, even prevent the entire storm or stop the tides, with a mere thought. This is not presently the case. The titan winds, the thundering water, and the sheer natural forces of the entire world are about to obliterate you both with colossal force.

As you drift over the the female form you minutely wonder if it had such power as well. You sensed it, but the form remains still as it did before. The thought almost distracts you… Almost. In a subatomic moment’s amount of time before the wave crashes down on both of your forms, you summon the shield again. You reserve a thought. Like a default, you change your ability so that even if you collapse again, should you faint, the shield will hold. In this last burst of survival instinct you extend your last ounce of strength of any natural or trained endurance, gift, ability, or energy to you save yourself and the female form in another bubble. Just as it finishes forming you lose consciousness and are thrown violently against the wall of the very shield you made to protect the two of you. Lower neck then shoulders hit hard, some bones are broken and your inert body slides down to meet its lifeless partner at the bottom.

The wave crashes down, violent and wet. Digging a crater in the sand, it heaves your sphere skyward. The shield bubble splashes down on to the murky and violent lapping of the sea in the midst of an epic storm. You and the female form are thrashed about inside as the corrupt waters toss the shield ball about. Sometimes in the air, it is caught up in a swell of current, only to come crashing down into leagues below the surface before being spat out into the hellish atmosphere of the storm again.

The storm lasts days and nights… a twelfth of a cycle? You don’t know. You can’t. You are unconscious the whole time. Eventually the winds die, the sea becomes calm, and this world’s sun breaks the clouds. The angry outburst of the ocean gives way to its more charming, serene, and silent personality. Your bubble shield has held. The sun, it shines. The sea, it is blue. You and the female form drift unconscious, and by happenstance intimately wrapped in each others’ limbs as if you are napping on a nice day.

The female form, still lifeless, abides. You are almost with whatever left it you are so weak. You don’t know how you’ve hung on so long. It can’t last, not after all this. You feel yourself drift into a blackness. Your physical form begins to drift from the female form. Her arm slides off your torso. Is something of the female form there in this blackness? The bubble begins to become ovoid. You feel a vaguely feminine presence, and it does seem familiar. Your form and the female form slide even further. Your arm slides out from underneath her head. You know it senses you. The ovoid of the shield begins to arc in at the center. You sense a gratefulness, but it is a mere hint. The shield ball is becoming two bubbles. One for your form, and one for hers. You drift further. You are losing yourself to the blackness and distance from the feminine presences is growing. You and it are echoes from each other now. You sense it scream. You sense it is somehow trapped somewhere else otherwise it would have helped you through all this. Clear as the day you cannot sense or see you hear a voice you’ve heard before as you drift away from the female form and away from your own body, “WE MUST WAKE!”

You snap to consciousness in your own body, in your own bubble. The female form is waves away on a thankfully calm current. You are beyond dead with fatigue, but you must do what you can. You float your form in your bubble, and steer it desperately to the female form’s. You set a crash course and thankfully there is no wind or rain, or violent waves to contradict you. You tiredness makes you misjudge your speed. Your floating too fast. You hit the other bubble and the energy both are composed of shatters like glass and with as much noise. As they do so, the bubbles also reform their separate shards to reform a single bubble. A terrible crash and reconstruction take place simultaneously. Again, your are through against the opposite wall of the bubble, but you barely hold onto consciousness this time. Two bubbles are one again.

The scream you heard in your momentary drift gave you just enough to send your senses out of yourself and luckily land was detectable. Like the shield before, you reset your ability. The shield would not separate again or dissipate due to your lack of consciousness, nor now would you drift off course. You wouldn’t disappear into a blackness, and you would find land. The female form would accompany you, but you are not sure about that form’s presence ever returning. It may be lost.

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