You, Finally @199

The bubble pop blew you awake as fast as it descended. What could have happened? Dropping so many times, listing on the sea, and crashing on stones on the beach… How could it finally burst like that? you didn’t think, […]

You… Still @125

The Land. An island. It is without a doubt when roaming the blackness of space, a rock at least big enough for one to stand on is a welcome site in the unfathomable distances between systems, galaxies, universes, and even […]

You, Too @075

You drift to consciousness through dramatic thick drops of cold water. Luckily, you collapsed face up. Drops pound your form like pins driven by hammers. Sound comes first. Heavy rain pelting two forms. Two forms; one yours, one feminine. You […]

You @705

You Crashed out of the window just behind the unknown life you also decided to save. You plummeted with it. You fell. Two bodies, Small in the scheme of things but falling with massive celestial weight, impacted the rock below […]

Race @718

I had only a few moments to spy the woman on the baroque side of the hall. She had dark hair, a fit figure, and wore grayish garments with a black waist coat. It was similar to my clothing, but […]

Tangle @185

A feminine voice came echoing at the hillside of my consciousness. “We must wake,” it seemed to say. As I grew more aware of my surroundings, that was the message, “We must wake… We must wake.” Over and over again […]