You @705

You Crashed out of the window just behind the unknown life you also decided to save. You plummeted with it. You fell. Two bodies, Small in the scheme of things but falling with massive celestial weight, impacted the rock below […]

Race @718

I had only a few moments to spy the woman on the baroque side of the hall. She had dark hair, a fit figure, and wore grayish garments with a black waist coat. It was similar to my clothing, but […]

Tangle @185

A feminine voice came echoing at the hillside of my consciousness. “We must wake,” it seemed to say. As I grew more aware of my surroundings, that was the message, “We must wake… We must wake.” Over and over again […]

Chase @952

With the air still, the sky dead gray, and bite of near-freezing temperature, my movement down the block was swift. The shadow had rounded the corner and was just out of my sight, but I was gaining fast. The shadow […]